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The best media library for social media

Manage all the media assets for your team in one media library. Easy access on every device. Share your high-end content on your social media.



Always the perfect image

Organize photos and videos in one location and easily find well-suited images for your posts

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    Provide easy access to the best photos and videos with a shared media library.

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    Find perfect photos and videos faster with smart collections.

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    Share the best photos and videos with team members and ensure well-suited images.



Create more impact

Prepare social media messages for team members and ensure spot-on messages.

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    Prepare Instagram, Facebook and Twitter messages for team members and ensure spot-on messages.

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    Plan social media posts at just the right time and maximize the impact of your messages.

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    Let team members post messages in a snap without sharing their precious passwords.

My social media manager prepares my posts for me as an athlete. Fuse is very easy to use and it’s saves me a lot of time. I can easily reach the right people and sponsors.

Harjan Visscher
World Champion

One team. One goal. One tool

Fuse for athletes

Stay focused on your performance and leave the social media hassle to Fuse. Get access to exceptional photos and videos, receive well crafted messages for your fans and edit and post with just one click to all your accounts.

Fuse for photographers

Quickly add photos and videos to the media library without hassle and make them available to the team immediately.

Fuse for sponsors

Know for sure that the right social media messages are posted at exactly the right time thanks to carefully planned messages and detailed reports

Fuse for marketers

Work together smoothly and maximize the social media impact of your sports team. Organize photos and videos in one location, prepare spot-on social media messages for team members, and analyze results.